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What folks are saying

About Diali...

"Diali captivated our students with his mastery of the djembe, his command of the classroom, and his innate musicality."

- Matthew Eterington, Middle School Director & Performing Arts Director


"Joyful in his approach to teaching, respectful of children and their exuberance, masterful musician who reaches into our hearts andenriches our senses by being a part of a global community... who wouldn't want Diali to share this amazing academic experience with all students?"

- Carole Lee Breskey, Teaching Assistant, Perry Harrison School


"Diali has been the feature performance and instruction artist at Camp Dragonfly for 2 years, and we hope for years to come, because, quite simply, the kids love him! He brings his considerable talent and charisma for 5 days, and his is the one activity during which we know every single child will be captivated and engaged while learning valuable skills in music, rhythm, culture, and teamwork."

- Jo Sanders, Family Violence & Rape Crisis



About Kaira Ba...

Mosaic Fest Review

“Diali Cissokho’s five-piece Senegalese griot-rock fusion group’s story is told as much through the 21-string kora as it is the electric guitar, and their West Africa-meets-Piedmont vibe sounds as ageless as it does progressive.”

-Ryan Snyder, Yes! Weekly


World Beat Music Fest

“Senegalese kora player Diali Cissokho performs with Kairaba!, a percussive Carrboro five-piece that sticks closer to the West African griot tradition from which he descends. Jubilant melodies and dance-friendly rhythms assure the fledgling group’s performance will be the night’s most infectious.”

-Spencer Griffith, The Independent Weekly Read More


Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival

“Diali Cissokho and Kairaba [is] my strongest recommendation for a must-see new band on the rise. Led by Pittsboro-resident Cissokho, a Jimi Hendrix of the kora, with his nephew talking drummer Sidya Cissokho, plus an American-style backing band of drumset, congas, bass and electric guitar. The West African harp-lute may be dreamy and poetic solo, but Cissokho uses it to stoke a bluelight basement party in Kairaba, a word which means “love and peace” in Manding. Diali’s natural charisma as a vocal performer may come from his centuries-old griot heritage, but he will also put you in mind of Marvin Gaye, James Brown, and other griots of New World soul.”

-Sylvia Pfeiffenberger, Onda Carolina. Read More

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